We Are Eighty

In the old days when 2 people wanted to talk over the telephone, an operator would need to plug them in to a port on her switchboard in order to open the lines of communication. Today, when 2 devices speak to each other over the web, they must first establish an HTTP connection over port 80. We chose the name Eighty as a reminder of our dedication to make it easy for you to connect with your audience.

In a world where coders are often seen as unreliable and marketers as shysters, we believe we can break through the noise to with a simple word: Authenticity. We’re a team of passionate individuals who work together to make outstanding digital products. What gets us up in the morning (and regularly keeps us up at night) is a desire to deliver exceptional products and services that exceed client expectations. That’s a formal way of saying “we make great products to help our awesome customers build strong companies”.

What We Do

  • Web Development

  • Legitimize your product, service or company by creating a website that works for you.
  • SEO

  • Build organic traffic through great website content, keywords and backlinks.
  • Social Media

  • Use many social platforms to publish engaging content and draw people in.
  • SEM

  • Help increase visibility on top search engines through targeted media buys.

How We Do It

  • Reach

    Marketing & Branding:

    SEO, SEM & Social Media Strategy w/ Implementation

  • Engage

    Quality Craftsmanship:

    Evocative Web Design, Robust Development & High Performance Tuning

  • Captivate

    Compelling Content:

    Astute Authorship, Grand Public Relations & Creative Media

Finding success online today requires the highest level of excellence. To reach your audience, your brand & marketing must connect emotionally and provide value to customers and all this must be done in a way search engines can understand it.  To engage your visitors, you must have a site that looks good, functions well and loads fast. To captivate and earn life-long customers, you need new and refreshing content that brings them value consistently. Our combination of skilled marketing strategists, content writers and backend developers are the perfect formula to optimize your online presence for customers and search engines. We’ll cater our strategy to your needs with a commitment to the highest level of excellence at a price you can afford.

Meet the Team


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Ashley Stanley


Josh Stanley

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