What Is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing consistently ranks as the most effective marketing method for doing business online. Instead of the old school marketing paradigm of buying ads, buying email lists and paying for leads, inbound marketing is all about creating quality content that attracts people to your company and product. It’s a natural pull towards things that they are already interested in. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and build solid relationships with over time.

Start building connections with your customers!

  • Essentials Package
  • $5,000per month
    • One Time, 2 hr Customer Targeting & Brand Analysis Meeting
    • One Time Competitive Analysis
    • Monthly SEO (Information Architecture & Website Structure)
    • 1 Monthly Blog Post
    • Manage 3 Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
    • Manage 1 SEM Account (1 Ad Campaign on Google, 1-3 ad groups, 1-3 ads)
    • Track SEO & Marketing Success Metrics
    • 1 Experiment
    • * does not include ad spend budget
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  • Professional Package
  • $7,500per month
    • Everything that is part of the Essentials Package
    • 3 Blog Posts/mo
    • Manage up to 6 Social Media Accounts (your choice)
    • Manage 1 SEM Account (1 Ad Campaign on Google, 1-10 ad groups, 1-30 ads)
    • Track SEO & Marketing Success Metrics
    • 2 Experiments
    • 1 Email Campaign
    • Ongoing directory submission & link building efforts
    • * does not include ad spend budget
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  • Custom Package
  • ContactFor Pricing
    • Lets discuss your needs and figure out what works for you with your budget.
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What People Say
Building a website can be a trial but we quickly found that trying to get people to visit that site was far more difficult.. After a couple of months of going it on our own we started talking to marketing companies. We opted for Eighty because of the attentiveness of their staff and the analytics that back up their inbound marketing suggestions. They’re definitely an extension of our in house team and we plan to use them for the long haul.Diego
We have a great product and a great team (or so my mom tells me). What we didn’t have was a process to drive traffic to our site. I reached out to Eighty to help us with our inbound marketing efforts. That was the best decision we could have made. We worked on landing pages, keywords, social media presence and began to see a steady increase in traffic. We’ve learned that it’s not an overnight thing. If someone ‘sells’ you that hype – fire them and then hire Eighty to get real results.Chris
I run a thriving service company and primarily acquire new customers through referrals. I met Ashley at a networking event and she was shocked that I didn’t already have a website (I was ashamed to admit to her that I had a free wix site). I thought it over throughout the weekend and decided to give her a call. She explained that it wouldn’t be worth my time and money to build a website without considering how to drive traffic. I bought a professional inbound marketing package and am extremely happy with the return. We’ve steadily been getting new clients every month.Xiara